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Deck Chair on the beach, Tapestry / Cross Stitch Cushion. This is a really lovely design, perfect to put on your Summer seat out in the garden, or in any summer house.

Only £21.49
This is a sumptuous cushion, featuring a sunny day at the beach, a Deck Chair on the beach.

 I have made a few cushions myself and I have made them using cross stitch as shown on the pack but also using the traditional tapestry stitch, both worked well although obviously the cross stitch cushion fronts feel thicker.

This cushion front when finished is of a nice thick quality.
The kit comes complete with a good quality needle, all the Tapestry wool you could need, clear instructions and a painted canvas. The paint on the canvas isn't like most kits this is clearly painted with each section clearly coloured to match the wool you are using. The canvas is actually hand painted and has large holes so its will suit everyone from the beginner to the most experienced.

Treat yourself or treat a loved one, it's worth it, as you will be so pleased and proud with the finished Cushion.

If you are making the cushion with a view to selling it, you are welcome to list it on our Shop, we sell our customers finished items providing the kits or supplies were purchased at The Crafty Gift Shop 

If you get stuck you are welcome to email me and I will happily help in any way I can.

I don't just buy and sell craft items I buy, make and sell, so I know first hand what each item is like to actually make, I want to sell quality items like this one that way no one is ever disappointed. 

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