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MyBoshi Pink & Blue
myboshi kits contain all the tools needed to create a trendy beanie hat: 3 balls of wool, one crochet hook, full instructions and a myboshi label.

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My Boshi Pink & Blue
Before you read on and learn what a MyBoshi is, I will just say to all those who say I can't crochet, neither could I until I read the MyBoshi booklet. it showed me in step by step pictures and guides and hey presto I can now Crochet, I have tried other books and even DVD's before nothing worked until MyBoshi came along and now it simples!

Now read on to learn what the heck I'm talking about!!!!

Here is myboshi!

Discovered in Japan, developed, perfected and brought to Europe.
Myboshi is a new and exciting crochet concept soon to sweep Europe, did you know that ‘boshi’ means beanie in Japanese?

Myboshi was founded by Felix Rohland and Thomas Jaenisch who are outdoor sports and ski fanatics, being ski tutors in the winter they know from experience what a great beanie hat is; it is more than just a fashion accessory, it is also functional and comfortable.« Boshi » means beanie in Japanease.
With Myboshi, everyone can create its own beanie: according to his own style, by choosing from a range of shapes, patterns, colours with millions of possible combinations! With your Boshi made-to-measure, show off your own personality and become part of the Myboshi community! 

The mix of Merino wool and acrylic is the perfect combination for beanies: soft, warm and strong. It’s ideal for outdoor activities. Anyone can create their own beanie with myboshi, personalise your own style with myboshi’s vast range of colours, patterns and shapes – you can make endless possible combinations!
Each myboshi customer is their own designer, make your own unique beanie with our advice on current fashion trends, colours and styles.

Show off your personality and your very own made to measure beanie and become a part of 
the myboshi community.


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