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Hooked Zpagetti yarn

A new super fun way to make lots of things for you, your family and your home, great for Knitter's and Crocheter's alike.

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Hooked Zpagetti knitting and Crochet Yarn 

Hoooked Zpagetti is the latest and one of the most fun new way of crafting using recycled T Shirt Fabric.

Hoooked Zpagetti is a revolutionary new yarn, made from the offcuts of fashion garments - primarily high-quality cotton t-shirts. The yarn consists of strips of material between 0.8 and 1.2cm wide, and is strong and slightly elastic. Approximately 92% Cotton and 8% Elastine or Lycra, the exact composition may vary, as will the resulting elasticity of the yarn. The cones contain a massive  120m. It is so fun to knit and crochet with, use it as a super chunky yarn and watch your creations grow before your eyes! Pattern books are available plus there are free patterns available Check out our Patterns still not sure what to make then follow the link below to see what you could be creating.   http://www.dmccreative.co.uk/Products/Crochet-Collection/Hoooked-Zpagetti/Hoooked-Zpagetti-free-pate...

Please note: Due to the recycled nature of Zpagetti yarn, knots and joins may be more prevalent also the shade of colour may vary, this Blue is a Navy Blue.

Hoooked Zpagetti is the ultimate jumbo crochet and knitting original t-shirt yarn served up with our easy crochet patterns and trendy knit designs. Zpagetti is the original t-shirt yarn and is recycled from high quality fashion fabrics we get from European textile manufacturers. Hoooked Zpagetti collections are constantly renewed so each creation from fabric yarn will be unique and on trend.

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