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Angel - Handmade wall plaque

Handmade and hand decorated, it's as simple as that!

Only £9.99
Decorated Wooden Words - Angel

Hand Decorated Wooden MDF Cut out words.
Buy someone special that unique, personal gift.

'Word Decorations' are all the fashion, everywhere you go you can see them, so why spend £10 on a job lot word, that is made by the millions when for less you can buy a handmade and hand decorated word, no two will be exactly the same. These are not identical, precise run off's from a factory, these are hand decorated words, each will be different not one is likely to be perfect in every way but that's exactly what gives them charm!
We have NEVER had a disappointed customer, everyone who has bought our decorated words and letters has loved them.

If you want a different word then just get in touch, tell us the word and style you want and within 24 hours it will be in the post and on its way to you, we can also post to someone else if that makes it easier for you, Don't forget we offer a gift Wrapping option to make everything easier for you.

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