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Elbesee No Sew Easy Clip Frame

Embroidery and Cross stitch frame.
30cm x 68cm

Only £21.99

Elbesee No Sew Easy Clip Frame

Keep your embroidery and cross-stitch projects perfectly stretched with this embroidery frame. It can take the finest and the chunkiest canvasses thanks to the clip-on system.
The frame is made of beech wood and is 30 x 68 cm
A innovation in rotating frame design, the new Easy Clip Rotating Frame makes working your cross stitch and tapestry projects easier then ever before. Simply clip on your fabrics and canvases, NO SEWING REQUIRED.

The fabric is rolled around the top and bottom bars preventing the creasing and marking that occurs with a hoop.

* Simply clip on your required material. NO SEWING REQUIRED.
* Easy to assemble.
* Unique, self-locking, NON SLIP clips maintain an even tension
* Firmly grips light and heavy materials.
* Change between your projects quickly and easily
* Suitable for Cross Stitch, Tapestry and Embroidery.
* Helps prevent creasing and marking.
* Large work can be scrolled.
* Polished natural wood finish.
* High quality, made in the UK.
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