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Beautifully coloured Interchangeable Birch wood Circular Knitting needle
Set of 5 sizes - 3.5 cm - 4 cm - 4.5 cm - 5 cm - 6 cm, all complete in it's own Zipped case.
These are superb and I love knitting with them.

Only £29.99
Knit Pro Interchangeable Circular Knitting needles

These circular birch wood Knit Pro needles have it all: theyre light, perfectly smooth, strong and elegant. Their unique, harmonious hues won't fade, and are exclusive to Bergère de France. All you have to do is switch the tips or the cable to get the number and size you want! You'll have almost every size needle you'll ever want to knit with at your fingertips. Comes in a zipped pouch.

The kit includes: 

- 5 pairs of needle points: 3.5 cm - 4 cm - 4.5 cm - 5 cm - 6 cm- 
- 2 cables (60 cm and 80 cm)
- 4 needle tips 
Knit pro kit

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